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Handcrafted pieces with stories of ancient Indian Art


Pattachitras are a form of traditional Odisha narrative art that originated as... 


Gond art is a form of folk painting, practiced by one of... 


Ensorcell is a captivating collection that brings out the power of colors... 

The Art of Block Printing

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Discover an exclusive selection of footwear, infused with contemporary elegance and traditional Indian prints.

KANVAS only uses Sustainable Packaging | Original Designs | Ethical Craftsmanship

The Making Of Kanvas

Kanvas celebrates Indian heritage with unique, art-inspired footwear and accessories for men and women. Explore our diverse collection for cultural elegance. Experience Indian craftsmanship with Kanvas.

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Kanvas Customs

Kanvas specializes in creating custom-made products to meet diverse client needs. We prioritize individuality and authenticity, crafting unique designs for each custom piece, ensuring a one-of-a-kind experience for our customers.

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Our shoes are story tellers. Each piece brings in an essence of the people, region and culture of the place it’s inspired from. These aren’t just art shoes, if you look closely the design speaks about the history of the people, the colours talk about the materials available and the motifs are mainly inspired by architecture structures of mythological believes of the people.  

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