Kanvas Customs

At Kanvas, our primary goal is to meet the diverse needs of our clientele by offering custom-made products. We highly value individuality and authenticity, which are reflected in the unique designs of our custom pieces, each of which is truly one-of-a-kind.

Custom Sneakers:
Our selection includes bridal sneakers that can be tailored to match the colors of the outfit, preferred heel height, size specifications, and embellishment preferences of our customers.

Wedding Favors:
In the grand tradition of Indian weddings, we strive to create unforgettable experiences for every customer. Our personalized bride squad and groom squad shoes come with special taglines, and we even offer on-site customization services at wedding events to create instant DIY personalized footwear for all attendees.
Custom Made Comfort Formals:
We understand that everyday formal wear can sometimes lack style, comfort, and affordability. Our custom-designed comfort formals are tailored to match job profiles, personalities, and specific occasions, featuring memory foam and Cushion Eva soles that can be customized for width and length to suit a wide range of preferences.
Custom Styles:
Our range of custom styles allows customers to explore a variety of colors, designs, and features to meet their unique requirements. From flat to heeled options, narrow to broad shapes, and sizes that go beyond standard conventions, we offer flexibility and customization to ensure a perfect fit for every individual.