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At Kanvas, we are dedicated to creating unique and attractive products that celebrate the rich heritage of Indian ethnic designs. Our wide range of products caters to all your casual and formal needs, offering intricate and beautiful designs inspired by diverse styles of art and painting in India. Whether you are looking for clothing or accessories, our collection has something for everyone. Explore our exclusive designs for men and women that are sure to add a touch of cultural elegance to your wardrobe. Experience the beauty of Indian craftsmanship with Kanvas.


Indian art, with its origins dating back to around 3500 BC, stands as a testament to the country's profound cultural legacy that has evolved over thousands of years. This ancient art form has garnered immense respect globally, showcasing the depth and diversity of India's artistic heritage. From the intricate rock paintings of Bhimbetka to the majestic sculptures of the Khajuraho temples, Indian art reflects a rich tapestry of traditions, beliefs, and craftsmanship that have flourished over centuries.

Explore the vibrant history of Indian art and immerse yourself in the captivating narratives woven through time. Witness the intricate details, vibrant colors, and spiritual symbolism that define Indian art forms, from classical to contemporary expressions. Delve into the world of Indian artistry and discover the enduring beauty and cultural significance that continue to inspire and captivate art enthusiasts worldwide.

The profound impact of art and artists on Indian culture, traditions, and history has shaped one of the most complex and diverse art histories in the world. India's rich artistic heritage is a mosaic of influences from local cultures, climates, social practices, and religions, culminating in a breathtaking array of paintings that reflect the country's vibrant tapestry of creativity.

At Kanvas, we harness the essence of these diverse art forms to craft unique and unparalleled art footwear for both casual and contemporary needs. Drawing inspiration from the architectural marvels and everyday lives of people, our designs are a fusion of innovation and tradition, creating footwear like never before seen. Immerse yourself in the artistic legacy of India with our exclusive collection, where each pair of shoes tells a story of cultural richness and artistic brilliance. Elevate your style with Kanvas and step into a world where art, fashion, and heritage converge to redefine footwear fashion.

At Kanvas, we are proud to collaborate with talented Madhubani artists to create art-centric pieces of footwear that are not only unique but also highly wearable. Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of Madhubani art, our collection features intricately designed shoes that showcase the traditional motifs, colors, and storytelling elements of this revered art form. Each pair of footwear is a masterpiece in itself, blending the essence of Madhubani paintings with contemporary fashion sensibilities.

Madhubani designs by ruler expert artisans of india

Kanvas's exquisite and highly sought-after collection, "The Mystic Of The Mughals," where each shoe is a masterpiece of beauty meticulously crafted by our dedicated team. This collection pays homage to the artistic legacy of the Mughal era, a time period spanning the 16th to 19th centuries in India.

The Mughal rulers of India popularized a distinct style of art that seamlessly blended Persian and Islamic influences, resulting in breathtakingly intricate and culturally rich paintings. Focusing on wall art, frescoes, and architectural masterpieces, the Mughals achieved unparalleled mastery in their craft.
Step into a world of timeless elegance and sophistication with our Mughal-inspired range of footwear, where every pair of shoes tells a story of artistry and heritage.

mughal print loafers for men design inspired by mughal architecture

Kanvas brings the ancient art of Kalamkari to life on its shoes through a meticulous process that showcases the rich heritage and craftsmanship of this traditional art form. Kalamkari, which involves hand painting on cotton or silk fabric using a tamarind pen and natural dyes, is renowned for its intricate designs and cultural significance.

At Kanvas, the art of Kalamkari is skillfully incorporated into shoe designs through two main techniques: hand painting and block printing. Each pair of shoes undergoes a transformative journey where Kalamkari motifs such as flowers, peacocks, paisleys, and divine characters from Hindu epics but we avoid using any religious designs. These designs are carefully hand-painted by skilled artisans.

The intricate process involves 23 meticulous steps, including dyeing, bleaching, hand painting, block printing, starching, cleaning, and more, to ensure that every detail is captured with precision and care. The result is a stunning fusion of traditional artistry and contemporary footwear design, where each shoe becomes a wearable piece of art that tells a story of culture and craftsmanship.

The beauty and elegance of Kalamkari art reimagined on footwear with Kanvas's hand-painted and block print shoe designs in "Revival Of Kalam" by Kanvas, where every step you take is a celebration of heritage and creativity.

kalamkari hand painted motifs

The vibrant world of Gond art with Kanvas's innovative footwear collection, where traditional folk and tribal paintings come to life in statement designs that capture the essence of India's rich cultural heritage. Originating from one of the largest tribes in India, the Gond tribe, these intricate paintings are known for their bold colors and distinctive motifs.

Gond art, derived from the Dravidian expression "Kond" meaning 'the green mountain,' is a cherished form of folk art predominantly practiced in Madhya Pradesh, as well as in regions such as Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, and Odisha. Kanvas has reimagined these bright and captivating Gond paintings into unique and loving pieces that add a touch of cultural flair to your wardrobe.

Experience the beauty of Gond art transformed into statement designs with Kanvas's latest innovation, "Art Of Gonds". Each piece is a celebration of tradition and creativity, offering a fresh perspective on ancient art forms. Discover the magic of Gond art with Kanvas and add a touch of color and culture to your everyday style.

gond art painting by artisans of gond india

The timeless art of block printing on textiles, a traditional technique that involves printing intricate patterns using wooden blocks on fabrics like linen, cotton, and silk. This ancient method, known for its artistic results and unique designs, is the earliest and simplest form of textile printing, cherished for its craftsmanship and attention to detail.

At Kanvas, we are passionate about preserving and celebrating the legacy of block printing, an art form deeply rooted in India's cultural heritage. Through our dedication to this beloved ancient technique, we have created a range of footwear designs that showcase the beauty and intricacy of block printing.

Explore Kanvas's collection "From The Roots", featuring unique and captivating block-printed designs that blend tradition with contemporary style. Immerse yourself in the artistry and craftsmanship of block printing, and experience the one-of-a-kind beauty that each pair of shoes brings to your wardrobe. Step into a world of art and culture with Kanvas's block-printed footwear collection today.

block printed designs by artisans of Bagru Rajasthan India

Pattachitra, Kanvas's designer collection inspired by this traditional Odisha narrative art form. Originating as visual aids during musical performances, Pattachitras are renowned for their vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and depiction of simple mythological themes. The name "Pattachitra" itself reflects the essence of these paintings, with "patta" meaning canvas and "chitra" meaning picture in Sanskrit.

At Kanvas, we have collaborated with Padma Shri Artist to bring you a stunning designer collection that captures the beauty and cultural significance of Pattachitras. Each piece in our collection is a celebration of artistry and tradition, showcasing the rich heritage of Odisha's narrative art.

Experience the magic of Pattachitras reimagined in contemporary designs by Kanvas. Explore our collection that pays homage to this ancient art form, where vibrant colors and intricate details come together to create pieces that are both captivating and culturally significant. Discover the unique blend of tradition and modernity with Kanvas's Pattachitra-inspired designer collection today.

Pattachitra Artist


Experience the essence of nature and its bounty through the mesmerizing art of Ajrakh with Kanvas's collection of intricately designed shoes. Ajrakh prints symbolize the beauty and richness of nature, with traditional colors that reflect the qualities of the Earth and its elements. Deep crimson red represents the earth, while indigo blue embodies the twilight sky, creating a harmonious blend of colors that evoke a sense of connection to the natural world.

At Kanvas, we have a deep appreciation for the versatility and beauty of Ajrakh art. Our team is passionate about incorporating these timeless prints into our shoe designs, showcasing the intricate motifs and vibrant colors that define this ancient art form. Each design is a labor of love, created with meticulous attention to detail and a deep respect for the heritage of Ajrakh printing.

Explore our collection of Ajrakh-inspired shoes, where traditional techniques and modern styles converge to create footwear that is both timeless and contemporary. Step into a world of art and culture with Kanvas's diverse range of designs that celebrate the rich history and artistic legacy of Ajrakh.

ajrakhpur india designer fabric best seller textile

In the realm of traditional shoe making in India, Kanvas embarks on a journey year after year, facing the challenges of limited supply, competition from cheap Chinese goods, and the struggle against products of varying quality. Despite these hurdles, Kanvas remains steadfast in its commitment to producing handmade shoes of the highest quality, imprinted with the essence of a centuries-old tradition that is meticulously preserved by skilled craftsmen.

The happy Kanvas Family

The road to excellence in shoemaking is no easy feat, requiring a rigorous manufacturing process and an unwavering attention to detail. Kanvas understands the importance of offering its discerning customers the finest handmade shoes, crafted with precision and artistry. The brand's dedication to sustainability drives its efforts to explore vegan, affordable, and sustainable options, ensuring reliability and environmental responsibility in every pair of shoes.

With a focus on continuous improvement, Kanvas tirelessly seeks out new materials and techniques each year, making minor enhancements to enhance comfort and introduce fresh styles to cater to the evolving tastes of its valued family. This dedication to innovation and quality sets Kanvas apart in the competitive landscape of the shoe industry, showcasing a commitment to excellence that shines through in every step of the shoemaking process.

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As Kanvas's journey unfolds, the brand's story is one of resilience, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of perfection. With each passing year, Kanvas pushes the boundaries of traditional shoe making, setting new standards of craftsmanship and style that resonate with those who appreciate the artistry and heritage woven into every pair of shoes.